French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission

Within the CEA (French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission), identified by Reuters / Clarivate as the most innovating research body in Europe (and second-most in the world), CEA Tech creates technological innovation to improve the competitiveness of French companies through performance and product differentiation. Composed of three research institutes, the Leti, the List and the Liten, CEA Tech develops and transfers generic technologies, which cover the vast majority of traditional industrial applications as well as more advanced high-tech sectors, relating to all-size businesses. By driving innovation, CEA Tech creates new momentum on the French territory, and contributes to generating value and sustainable employment opportunities closely aligned with the needs of the industry. The Leti institute dedicates its research to micro-nanotechnologies and the List institute to digital intelligent systems, both addressing the issues of  hardware and software system integration.
Kalray holds several patents, covering its technology, which are derived from a cooperation with the List et the Leti; it also collaborates with these institutes on parallel programming tools, networks on chips (NOCs) and porting applications for the MPPA (Massively parallel processor array) so as to facilitate the adoption of its MPPA-256 manycore processor in the industry.

For more information, please visit www.cea-tech.fr.