Kicking off 2018 at the CES

Kicking off 2018 at the CES

No wonder the Consumer Electronics Show did some rebranding, changing its name to CES: it is not just about consumer electronics and high-tech gadgets but also about  manufacturing and technology advancements; in other words, an opportunity for high-tech businesses such as ours, to showcase what they have been putting their time and resources into.

Autonomous vehicles: tomorrow’s reality

Named one of USA Today’s 10 Best automotive shows, CES 2018 spotlighted autonomous vehicles more than ever before. In fact, the entire North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre was dedicated to car technology. And the hottest discussion topic?  Boot drivers out of their self-driving cars!

We may still be a few years away from seeing a large pool of next generation vehicles drive themselves on the streets, but the future is coming into focus based on several demonstrations presented at the event, not least our own run jointly with automotive engineering partner IAV on an application implemented in an autonomous car. Hear more about it here:

From aerospace to carmakers, we’ve been able to leverage what we learn and what we design, and now we’re at the heart of this new generation of self-driving cars, which is a very, very exciting market…

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